Split Pilotage Area

SPLIT: 43_ 31' N 16_ 26' E (See Plan)

Port of Split – general info:

Split is one of the largest commercial harbours of the Croatia and the largest on the Dalmatian coast. It is a third largest port in the Mediterranean in number of cars and passengers handled annually.

The two harbours Gradska Luka (City port) and Sjeverna Luka (Northern Basin) are capable of handling all types of vessels including large passenger vessels and car ferries, tankers, bulk carriers, general cargo and container vessels.


Gradska Luka (City port – also: City Passenger Port) is entered directly from Splitski Kanal. Considerable portion of the walls of the palace of Emperor Diocletian (under UNESCO protection), which cover an area of about 9 acres remain and enclose part of the city along the N shore of Gradska Luka.

Sjeverna Luka (Northern Basin) is approached through the entrance to Kaštelanski Zaljev (Kastela bay) between the mainland at Rt Marijan (Point Marijan) (43°30,5'N 16°23,3'E) and Rt Čiovo (Point Čiovo), 1¼ miles S, the E extremity of Otok Čiovo (island Čiovo), and thence through the E part of Kaštelanski Zaljev.

3 Bills of Lading
3 Cargo Manifests
5 Crew Lists
1 Health Declaration
5 Passenger Lists (Passenger ships only)
3 Personal Effects Lists
2 Stores Lists.

MAX. SIZE: No restrictions for LOA and beam. Draft 10.6 m.
Bulk: Draft 11.3 m.
Passengers: Draft 8.4 m.
Tankers: Draft 11.9 m.

DENSITY: Average density 1025.

Large tankers are handled in and out of the harbour
during day time only. LPG carriers also enter port in day time only.

​PILOTAGE: Compulsory for vessels over 500 g.r.t. If vessel bound for Split, Dugi Rat or Trogir, Pilot will normally meet vessel 0.5 miles off the City Port Entrance, day or night, but on request Pilot will board a vessel SW ofRazanj Lighthouse (Lat. 43_ 19' N, Long. 16_ 25' E).A vessel bound for Trogir may also take a Pilot 0.5 miles off Galera Light(Lat. 43_ 28.4' N, Long. 16_ 11.5' E).Chemical tankers and LPG carriers take a Pilot 1 n.m. SW of Murvica Light(Lat. 43_ 27.5' N, Long. 16_ 03' E).It is advisable to contact Pilot Station on VHF Channel 12, or via Split Radio on Channel 16, prior to arrival.

A vessel awaiting a Pilot can anchor south of City Port Breakwater.


ANCHORAGES: Vessels can anchor SE of City Port Entrance, 0.5 n.m. off the breakwater, in 40 m. depth, muddy bottom.
Product carriers, chemical carriers and LPG carriers anchor in positionLat. 43_ 27' N, Long. 16_ 30.5' E.
In case of very strong SE wind it is recommended to anchor in southern part of Luka Milna (Lat. 43_ 22' N, Long. 16_ 26' E) in 25 m. to 30 m. depth,
sandy bottom.

PRATIQUE: To obtain pratique, Health Declaration required. In event ofany disease or fever contact Agents.

VHF: Split Radio on Channel 16 (permanent watch). Pilot station on Channel 12 (24 hours), Port Authority on Channel 10, tugboats on
Channel 14 (Split Port Control on Channel 9 (24 hours).

TUGS: Tugs available (1,000 KW declared by owner). Normally ship’s lines
used. If tug’s lines used 10% extra is charged.

Northern Basin:
Northern Port: Continuous quay of total length 870 m. divided into five berths with the following permissible ship drafts: Berth No. 1, 8.5 m., Berth No. 2, 9.7 m., Berth No. 3, 7.3 m., Berths No. 4 and 5, 10.3 m., where general and bulk cargoes handled, mostly by shore equipment.
Cement factory, Sv. Juraj, Kastel Sucurac, length of quay 222 m., draft 9.7 m., cement in bulk mostly loaded. Cement factory, Sv. Kajo, Sv. Kajo, quay length 274 m., draft 8.2 m.,
cement in bags only loaded. Inavinil factory Kastel Sucurac, quay length (dolphins) 80 m., draft 9.7 m., for LPG carriers only. Silo Quay, Vranjic, length 220 m., draft 11.3 m., discharging/loading grain by multiport. Salonit factory, Vranjic, quay length 262 m., draft 7.3 m., where discharging
asbestos and loading asbestos products. Shore crane and ship’s gear used.
Southern Basin (City Port):
Breakwater Quay, two quays, total length 300 m., draft up to 8.0 m. Ro-Roramp available. Gat Sv. Duje, total quay length 465 m., draft up to 7.9 m.
Gat Sv. Petra, total quay length 350 m., drafts from 3.9 – 7.0 m. City Port serves passenger ships and car ferries only.

BULK CARGO FACILITIES: One quay (Silo Quay, Vranjic), length 110 m., draft 11.3 m. Max. height of discharging gear above sea level is
8.0 m. Max. loading/discharging rates 3,000 – 5,000 tonnes.

See ‘‘Berthing’’.

(Inavinil Factory Berth).
Ro-Ro: See ‘‘Berthing’’.

Two discharging berths alongside the quay. Discharge lines 6 in., 8 in. and 10 in.
Berth for small tankers, length 80 m., draft up to 7.0 m. The other quay, length 150 m. (dolphins) and permitted draft 11.9 m.
Depending on type of cargo, average load/discharge rate is from 300 – 600 tonnes per hour.

CRANES: Northern Port: 2_7 tonne bridge cranes and 4_5 tonne gantry cranes. Floating crane of 60 tonne lifting capacity also available.

STEVEDORES: Luka Split is the sole stevedoring company. Work in two shifts from 0600 – 1300 hrs. and from 1300 – 2000 hrs.

Cargo Gear: Load/discharge mostly effected by shore gear.

MEDICAL: No notice except in case of serious illness to be included in
arrival cable. Hospital facilities available.

FRESH WATER: Available at all berths. Order through Agent.

FUEL: Obtainable. Notice required.

SERVICES: Compass adjusting, radio/radar services and calibration of DF, divers for surveys/repairs, Lloyd’s Sub-Agents (Jadroagent-Split), ship’s

NEAREST DRY DOCK: One floating dock at Trogir, length 180 m. and one at Northern Basin, length 116 m.

All types of deck and engine repairs possible.
SURVEYORS: Euroinspekt – Croatia Kontrola (Cargo Inspectors).Lloyd’s Register, American Bureau, Bureau Veritas and Croatia Register
of Shipping representing DNV, NKK and GL, Panama, etc.


Not necessary.

TIME: GMT plus 1 hour. Last Sunday in March clocks advanced 1 hour.
Last Sunday in October clocks retarded 1 hour.

1 and 6 January; Easter; 1 and 30 May; 22 June;
5 and 15 August; Christmas.

CONSULS: Denmark, Finland, Germany, Italy, Netherlands, Spain and
United Kingdom.

NEAREST AIRPORT: Split International, 23 km. 5 flights daily to Zagreb. Also direct flights to Rome, Paris, London, Munich, Hamburg,
Frankfurt, Vienna and Zurich.

CUSTOMS ALLOWANCES: About 40 cigarettes and reasonable amount of wine/spirits for each crew member daily.
SHORE LEAVE: No restrictions.

REPATRIATION: All facilities available for crew changes.
IDENTIFICATION CARDS: Shore passes issued.

Split Port Authority, Gat. Sv. Duje 1, 21000 Split, Croatia.
Tel: +385 (21) 390222. FAX: +385 (21) 390239.




Source: Guide to Port entry 19th Edition

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