Pilotage is compulsory for vessels over 500 GT (yacht over 1000 GT) for entire Splitsko Dalmatinska County including for entering Split area and whole of Kaštelanski Zaljev. Pilots embark about 5 cables S of Gradska Luka (43°29.5'N 16°26'E).

On request, depending on approach of vessel, pilot can also board a vessel  S of Splitska Vrata (43°18,7'N 16°23,5'E); 1 NM S of Otočić Muljica Light (43°27,3'N 16°00,6'E) (compulsory for dangerous cargo);  5 cables S of Galera light.

Additional fees applied for all outer pilot points. For other ports in Splitsko-Dalamatinska County (including islands) each pick up/drop off point is arranged individually with the Split Pilot office depending on the area in question / weather conditions. 


Book a Pilot

Submit via email or fax
Within 24 hours via phone or email
Contact Details:
SMP Operations

Ph: + 385(21) 338 320
Fax: + 385(21) 338 321

Mobile: +385(98) 222 166

Other Important Information:
Ships requiring the services of a pilot in the Port of Split should submit arrival, removal and departure bookings within the following timeframes prior to the moment:

Arrivals................48 hours
Removals.............24 hours
Departures...........24 hours

Movements scheduled for between 22:00 & 06:00 cannot be brought ahead after 21:30 that evening.

When booking a Pilot the following mandatory information must be provided:

Ship Name
Ship IMO Number
Bow/Stern Thruster
For Arrivals:

POB requested time
Berth allocated
Tugs Booked
Vessels deepest draft
For Departures:

Tugs Booked
Vessels deepest draft
Other Services:
Ship movements must also be booked with Port Control. Other Services such as tugs and lines services are booked directly with suppliers.

Pilot Boarding Requirements


Pilot Boarding Ground

The main  Pilot Boarding ground is situated 5 cabels South of green light on the city harbour breakwather.

 Latitude 43°29,5' N, Longitude 016°26' E.

Vessels should contact "Split Pilots" 2 hours prior to arrival on VHF Channel 12.

Pilots may embark or disembark in other areas by special arrangement, or when required to do so by the vessel or the Harbour Master.

Pilot Boarding
Split pilot launches have blue hulls with white housing. Pilot label is visible on the housing.
Launches operate from Split City Port .
Boarding course and speed will be advised on VHF 12. Boarding speed generally 6 knots.
Pilot ladders should be rigged as per IMO standards, 1m above the water, on the lee side.

Ph:​ +385 21 338 320​​​

​Mob:​ +​385 98 222 166​

​Fax: +385 21 338 321​
Mail: split.pilot@pomorski-peljar.hr​​

​​Address​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​: Gat Sv. Duje 1

Split 21000, Croatia